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Thursday, August 04, 2011

What is artesian water?

Artesian water is a certain type of well water, collected without mechanical pumping. The well must tap a confined aquifer that has waters standing much higher than rock, gravel, or sand. An aquifer is an underground layer of rock or sand with water.

It is an artificial well. Artesian well must be tightly cased, capped and fitted with a devised that will effectively control its flow.

Water in this system is able to rise above the level of the aquifer if a well is drilled through the confining layer, thereby reducing the pressure and forcing the water upward.

When an artesian aquifer is met the appearance of water in the borehole, is always noticed deeper than the established level; often the level become established at a higher level than the ground surface and then the water gushes out of the hole.

Artesian water is fresh in the upper part of the cross section, but its degree of mineralization increases with depth and it becomes saline and even brine.

Artesian water is purer and more salubrious than the river waters. It is also protected from and not liable to those causes of contamination which infect, more or less all open rivers.

Artesian well water may be the best water because it is fully developed and surfaces on its own without any human intervention. Artesian water comes from a source deep within the earth that is protected by solid confining layer made of stone.

It is never exposed to environment.
What is artesian water?

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