Technically, any liquid intended for drinking is a beverage so named by a word derived from French and Latin verbs meaning ‘to drink.’ Healthy beverages are beverages with health benefits that attribute by its nutritional value. The use of healthy beverage for promoting health and relieving symptom is as old as the practice of medicine.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Prevent Constipation and Other Health Ailments with Papaya Juice

Constipation is a condition whereby the fecal matter traveling through the colon remains too long in the colon before traveling out of the rectum.

Constipation is a symptom rather than a disease and is the most common digestive complaint.

As a natural remedy, papaya not only aids digestion but also helps prevent constipation. It provides relief from piles and also has anti-cancer properties.

Papaya are native to central America. Christopher Columbus called it – the fruit of the angles.

Papaya prevents the formation of urinary stones, prevents intestinal infection by parasites and aids in the proper functioning of the body’s immune system.

Papaya has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels. Papaya keeps the arteries supply, soft and flexible, thus not allowing formation of cholesterol in the blood. It also normalize blood pressure due to tension, depression, anxiety and increase in cholesterol level; thus affecting smooth circulation of blood.

For lactating mothers, according to traditional beliefs, papaya also helps to stimulate milk production.

Papaya juice nutritional highlight is its enzymes, specifically papain, a protein digestant (especially food with gluten). Concentrated amounts can especially be found in unripe papaya.

This proteolytic enzyme can breaks long chain protein molecules into smaller fragments.

This enzyme helps prevent the accumulation of mucoprotein (partially digested protein) in the body and lymphatic system. In fact, papain has been extracted to make dietary supplements for digestion. Thus, the unripe papaya is considered to have more healing powers for constipation than the ripe one.

Papayas are high in soluble dietary fiber. Its fiber is able to keep cancer-causing toxins in the colon away from the healthy colon cells. Those who are experiencing constipation or at risk of colon cancer should consider taking more papaya.

Papaya’s folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E have been linked with reduced risk of colon cancer. It also reduced the risk of heart disease and cataracts.

Additionally, the antioxidant nutrients found in papaya have also been proven to reduce muscle inflammation and the healing of burns and wounds.

The papaya fruit is slightly sweet, with a musky smell to it. It is now mainly cultivated in the warm tropical parts of the world but can easily be found in many supermarkets.

Papaya juice is rich in vitamins A and C, and contains small amounts of the minerals calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and sodium.

It is also endowed with an abundance of energy-boosting natural sugars when ripe. Papaya juice strengthens the body’s blood coagulating ability.

It is a fine laxative, appetite stimulant and cleanser of the kidneys, liver and intestines.
Prevent Constipation and Other Health Ailments with Papaya Juice

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