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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Hawaiian Kona Or Kona coffee

The name Kona coffee means that the coffee must be grown within a very limited geographic area in the state of Hawaii. Kona coffee has a reputation for being one of the most expensive and sought-after coffee in the world.

Kona coffee representing a mere fraction of the world’s coffee and it grow in an area about twenty miles long and two miles wide. This strip that runs along Mamalahoa Highway in Kona Mauka also known as the Kona coffee belt. Coffee has been produced commercially for more than 170 years in Kona, despite periods of adverse economic conditions.

Kona coffee enjoys an international reputation as one of the world’s finest coffees. The coffee has a reputation for its sweetness, its caramel bouquet at first sip, followed by a floral aftertaste. The unique aroma profile of Kona coffee springs from a variety of Arabica known as Kona Typica or Guatemala Typica.

About 93% of the export market for Kona coffee is in Japan for all coffee types–green, roasted beans of regular and decaffeinated coffees while the remaining portion of exports is to other parts of Asia, especially South Korea and Taiwan, and also to Europe.
Hawaiian Kona or Kona coffee

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