Technically, any liquid intended for drinking is a beverage so named by a word derived from French and Latin verbs meaning ‘to drink.’ Healthy beverages are beverages with health benefits that attribute by its nutritional value. The use of healthy beverage for promoting health and relieving symptom is as old as the practice of medicine.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Turkish coffee

Coffee was first made into a drink in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire, where it was usually drunk with herbs for extra flavour.

Turkish coffee is a method of brewing that’s popular across North Africa, Arabia and the Middle East.
It is brewed the finely ground coffee in small, long handled, tin-lined brass pots. The coffee beans are always freshly roasted and then pounded or ground to a very fine powder. When the boiling coffee it is important not to boil for too long, as the resulting brew will be bitter.

As the coffee is sweetened during the preparation, guests are always asked whether they would like theirs sweet medium, or plain, hence the need for several coffee pots in each household.
Turkish coffee

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