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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coffee industry in Arabian Peninsula

The coffee industry began on the Arabian Peninsula, where Arabs became the first to recognize the commercial value of the lowly bean.

There is written evidence for extensive cultivation of coffee in the Arabian Peninsula by twelfth century. They cultivated coffee and by the 15th century, were growing it in quality in the Yemeni district, from which is spread by the next century to Syria, Egypt, Persia and Turkey.

Coffee beans
Coffee had always occupied an important role in traditional Arabian hospitality. Its preparation and serving, almost a ritual, requires a set of utensils that include a large steel spoon with a long handle, a mihmas that is used for roasting coffee beans over an open fire.

As the coffee industry expanded throughout the Arab countries, coffee became highly popular drinks, perhaps in part because the Quran forbids Muslims from drinking alcoholic beverage.

The first coffeehouses KavehKanes in the world opens in Constantinople in 1475, By end of the seventeenth century Dutch farmers started to grow coffee plants beyond the Arabian Peninsula, first in India and then in the Indonesia.
Coffee industry in Arabian Peninsula

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